Make your knees stronger, springiermore flexible, and reduce discomfort.

Tai Chi for Knee Health

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1/2 day workshop with Chris at Tribe 061815 (2) Chris Cinnamon, Head Instructor, Chicago Tai Chi

 Sunday, Oct. 2, 9:30 am - 2 pm, Enso Martial Arts, 412 S. Wells, 7th Floor, Chicago

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This is Chris Cinnamon, Head Instructor at Chicago Tai Chi. I have a special interest in Tai Chi for Knee Health.

 I have sustained multiple knee injuries from contact sports and competitive martial arts. I have had two knee operations. I have clinical diagnoses of osteoarthritis (OA) in both my knees.

12 years ago, my knees hurt all the time! It hurt to climb stairs. It really hurt to go down stairs. It hurt to get out of a chair. It hurt to sit in a car. No fun!

Just to exercise and sometimes just to get through the day, I would take lots of Ibuprofin. I became increasingly worried that I would lose my ability to be active and mobile.

Today, my knees are strong, springy, and more flexible than 10 years ago. And most importantly, I no longer have chronic discomfort.

I attribute much of my progress to lots of Tai Chi. And I have applied Tai Chi principles for knee health to all my activities. As a result, my knees feel better than they have in years.

But you don't need to take my word for it. As we will cover in the workshop, multiple medical research studies have concluded that Tai Chi reduces pain and increases function in patients with knee OA.

I have developed the Tai Chi for Knee Health program to help people use Tai Chi principles and movements to have healthier knees. Even as we age! I did it. You can too. It just takes some training and practice.

In this workshop, I will share with you Tai Chi for Knee Health principles and movements that, with practice, can help make your knees feel stronger, springier, more flexible, and help reduce discomfort.

Your knees will thank you! Hope to see you in Chicago on Sept 3!

Best, Chris Cinnamon

Helping my knees with Tai Chi while hiking in Capitol Reef Nat'l Park.

Who should attend

Are you experiencing periodic or chronic knee discomfort?

Do your knees feel stiff, especially in the morning or after exercise?

Do you often take over-the-counter medicines for your knees?

Have you had a knee injury or knee surgery?

Did you participate in high-impact sports when younger?

Have you reduced your activity and exercise because of your knees?

Are you concerned about losing mobility and function because of your knees?

Do you want your knees to feel better with less medicine?


Do you want to learn a low-impact exercise that medical research has shown can improve how your knees feel and function?

What you will learn

How to find "the sweet spot" inside your knees.

Tai Chi techniques to develop constant awareness of the inside of your knees.

Tai Chi techniques to adjust the pressure inside of your knees for more comfort.

Tai Chi techniques to avoid putting torque or twisting into your knees.

What medical research tells us about why Tai Chi can be so beneficial for the knees.

A 15-minute Tai Chi exercise routine that can help your knees become stronger, springier, more flexible, and that can help reduce knee discomfort.

And much more!

What students say

"I had ACL surgery two years ago. Tai Chi has helped reduce discomfort and increase mobility."

"Chris's Tai Chi for Knee Health has helped me become much more aware of my knees. I have also learned body alignment and movement principles that help me take care of my knees. They really feel better!"

"Tai Chi has helped my knee pain and balance. It's a treat to be able to walk normally and go up and down stairs pain free!"


 "I've had chronic knee pain. I used to walk daily for exercise, but that started to hurt too. Tai Chi allows me to keep exercising and help my knees feel better."

"Chris is very knowledgeable and explains clearly how Tai Chi helps the knees. And the rest of the body! Learning this background has deepened my understanding of what goes on inside my knees."


The workshop is part of a multimedia package aimed at helping you learn Tai Chi for Knee Health. All workshop attendees will also receive:

Exclusive Practice Videos. Access to exclusive online practice videos to help guide your practice after the workshop.

Live follow-up webinar. Access to a live webinar with Chris Cinnamon following the workshop to answer questions and support your practice.

The Workshop and Bonuses separately would cost at least $150.

Aren't healthier knees worth that?

But see below for special Workshop pricing.

Last chance for Tai Chi for Knee Health in Chicago this year. Space is limited.

During this workshop, participants will receive personalized, focused instruction, so we are limiting attendance.

This will be the last Tai Chi for Knee Health workshop. in Chicago during 2016, and space is limited.

Our September workshop sold out fast. Please register now to secure your space. Happy-Knee

Your knees will thank you!

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Medical disclaimer. All materials presented in this workshop will be for informational or educational purposes only and are not intended as a substitute for the advice of a healthcare professional. If you do not currently exercise or if you have any physical symptoms or medical condition that may limit your ability to participate in low impact Tai Chi exercises, you should consult with your healthcare professional to see if this workshop is appropriate for you. Any physical discomfort experienced during or after any exercise should be brought promptly to the attention of a healthcare professional.

Workshop attendees will  be asked to sign a medical acknowledgement and waiver before the workshop.