Interested in Tai Chi or Qigong?  Join us at Enso Tai Chi.

Conveniently located in the Chicago Loop, with morning, midday, and evening classes. 

Feeling good after class at Enso.

Class schedule – 8-week Summer Session begins Monday, August 3

7 am – 8 am Continuing Tai Chi Practice
Noon – 1 pm Beginning Tai Chi 

7 am – 8 am Continuing Tai Chi Practice
11 am – noon Qigong
Noon – 1 pm Beginning Tai Chi

5:30 – 6:30 pm Tai Chi – all levels

Noon – 1 pm Continuing Tai Chi Practice

Enjoying Qigong at Enso

Class fees – special rates for Summer Session:

8-weeks unlimited classes: $175

8-weeks one Tai Chi class per week:  $100

8-weeks one Qigong class per week: $100

Tai Chi Push Hands at Enso


To register, contact instructor Chris Cinnamon at

Group rates:

Energize your corporate wellness program with Tai Chi.  We offer group rates for businesses or organizations.  For more information, contact Chris Cinnamon at

Private instruction:

Private instruction is available in Tai Chi and Qigong.  To schedule private instruction, contact Chris Cinnamon at

See you in class!

Enso Tai Chi Instructor Chris Cinnamon and Lineage Holder Bruce Frantzis (Ibiza, Spain)

“Tai Chi helps people take control and responsibility for their health so that life is a joy to live and not a burden to carry into old age.”

Wu Style Lineage Holder Master Bruce Frantzis

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