2018 Winter/Spring Workshops

Chicago, Jan. 19 - 20 Longevity Breathing at Tribe - Complete

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Chris at Tribe 061815 (2)What we teach and why we teach it:

“We have a degree of choice over how we want to experience our later years.  One choice is to decline. By that I mean increasingly reduced function and mobility, more doctor visits, more prescriptions, more surgeries, and all the associated pain and discomfort. Another choice is not to decline, or at least decline less. By that I mean taking greater control of our health and wellness, healing old injuries, maintaining and increasing function and mobility as we age, and relying less on invasive medicine. At Chicago Tai Chi, we teach a process through which people can choose not to decline as they age. Tai Chi and Qigong are modalities in that process.”

Chris Cinnamon, Head Instructor

Private Instruction, Classes, Workshops, Wellness Practices

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Enjoying Tai Chi class
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Feeling good after Tai Chi
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Developing energy with Qigong